ARIA is your concierge. She can act as your alarm clock, the weather girl, a newscaster, or even a search engine. She is there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with everything you need. ARIA will even try to respond when you don't have a specific purpose.

Privacy Policy: NO : ARIA does NOT store your personal information remotely. All voice interaction is performed using official Google libraries and subject to their privacy and storage policies. Any information directly or indirectly shared is equivalent to that which is provided by performing an internet search or social media post. All themes and customization can be disabled or changed, where applicable.

Experience the thrill as your everyday tasks become part of a game. Unlock achievements and track progress on the leaderboards as you gain practice balancing work and entertainment. You have $100770000 that can purchase tasks. What will you spend it on?

Please note that while the server is designed to speak like Juiz, her voice depends on your installed software and libraries. Please see below for available options to improve realism.

This site includes themes, extensions, and files that will help enhance interactions. They have been personally tested and compared to bring the most authentic experience.

"Eden of the East" is the property of FUNimation Studios. All media, either directly or indirectly associated with "Eden of the East" and FUNimation, is used with permission or public domain. All likenesses to original works is considered parody in this context.


Juiz is always trying to fulfil any request that is made, but sometimes it can be hard to know what she can handle. This list will provide some basic commands that she often receives to provide a starting point for interacting. This list is NOT the definitive list of full commands, but a general summary.

    Text Heads

    • Input Height Calibration

    • Chat Interface Information